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SUNFRAIL - Reference Sites Network for Prevention and Care of Frailty and Chronic Conditions in community dwelling over65 persons of EU Countries

SUNFRAIL aims at improving the identification, prevention and management of frailty and care of multimorbidity in community dwelling persons (over 65) of loco-regional settings of EU countries. 

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TRIS | Transition Regions towards Industrial Symbiosis

TRIS project will support public bodies to develop activities aimed to increase the resource efficiency and competitiveness through Industrial Symbiosis. The overall objective is to identify and analyse the barriers and/or enabling factors to the widespread and durable adoption of Industrial Symbiosis practices.

The exchange and mutual learning based on partners’ previous experiences and practices will provide each regions with a number of examples of solution to effectively overcome such barriers

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Vanguard Initiative

The Vanguard Initiative is a network of 30 EU regions which are politically committed to revitalising European industrial growth by leading by example in boosting growth, competitiveness and innovation in their regions. This should be done by improving the alignment between regional areas of strength and enabling co-investment, on the basis of regional smart specialisation strategies. The political leadership in every partner region has undertaken this commitment by signing a joint declaration, known as the Milan Declaration.

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World Food Research & Innovation Forum

The Forum aims to set up an international think tank to attract global players in Emilia-Romagna on research and global food security and devoted to global strategy for the development of the agrifood sector and research and policy for the sustainability and food security and safety, in order to support the competitiveness of enterprises and agrifood sector as well as the research community, governments and

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