Impact Agencies - Impact Actions for social innovation agencies

Impact Agencies - Impact Actions for social innovation agencies

ImpAct Agencies intends to reshape and make more efficient a set of services to support BICs and incubators through the Twinning Advanced methodology. Through an open social innovation model, the project will allow BICs and incubators to support social impact SMEs and entrepreneurs to achieve a better impact and play an active role within the local social innovation ecosystem.
By matching and integrating social entrepreneurship support programmes, policy strategies and online tools, ImpAct Agencies aims to design a modular kit of tools and services for accompanying entrepreneurs in improving their social impact.



The consortium is composed by four Innovation Agencies: ART-ER (Italy) - the project coordinator, Fundecyt-Pctex (Spain), WestBIC (Ireland) and IFKA (Hungary). All of them already work on the topic of social innovation and social entrepreneurship in different ways: shaping policy instruments, developing specific networks and projects or supporting and implementing policy strategies at local level.


This twinning advanced action has a multiple goal, since it will support partners in:
- carry on a peer review and assessment on their respective service through an active stakeholder engagement activity;
- reshape and combine those services linked to open social innovation model;
- design a new service package for BICs and incubators dealing with social innovation ecosystems;
- set up permanent relations within the partnership with the aim of improving each partners’ services and
- build an interregional community of social innovation agencies.

Final Outcome

The final output of the project is the drafting of a complete Design Option Paper, dedicated to analyse and describe all different scenarios in terms of background, framework conditions and organizations, process and service delivery system and stage of development. This will allow to transfer and mainstream the service delivery system to different EU contexts and agencies.

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Kristian Mancinone
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