IMPULSE PLUS will effectively transfer to new regions and cities the main outputs developed during the previous MED project IMPULSE.

This includes the provision of support tools for the development of gradual renovation plans and financial planning for cost-optimal solutions for public building stocks.

The Financial Scheme Evaluation tool, including the decision-making support tool PLUG-IN KPIs-processor for automated hierarchy of public buildings, will be revised and adapted under a transnational and cooperative way to help territories to meet the new targets set by the EU in the Green Deal and Renovation Wave Strategy, which aim to double annual energy renovation rates in the next ten years and report on the need to renovate buildings deeply on a massive scale.

The transferring process will allow, on the one hand, to scale the scope of application in some of the countries previously involved in IMPULSE project (Spain, Greece and Italy) from small/medium municipalities to bigger cities (such as Valencia in Spain), but also, from the local to the regional scale (Emilia Romagna Region in Italy and Western Greece). On the other hand, results will be transferred to a country that was not involved previously in IMPULSE (Slovenia). It will enable other municipalities/regions in Slovenia to make use of the tools taking the Municipality of Koper as a reference. Finally, reIMPULSE will permit to improve and adapt the tools to the requirements established in the new EU program period.

IMPULSE PLUS is a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


IMPULSE introduced an integrated management support system for planning energy efficiency interventions in public buildings. The main challenge tackled has been the insufficient capacities of public administrations to set-up reliable and affordable energy efficiency plans for their public building stock, which at local level is reflected by missing or incomplete Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). The main problem is the lack of available energy consumption data for the building stock and of easy-to-use decision-support systems to conclude the most affordable action plans with bankable and realistic solutions. The project acknowledges the need for concrete decision-support solutions as well as the transnational approach needed to account for MED diversified conditions in buildings, energy solutions, climate, regulations, etc., towards the wider capturing of MED specificities. The project’s transnational approach foresees extensive testing in representative pilot MED Cities in 6 Countries (Municipality of Hera-Greece, City of Elche – Spain, City of Cannes – France, Municipality of Ravenna – Italy, City of Osijek – Croatia, City of Mostar – Bosnia and Herzegovina), of previously established methods for the conclusion of MED public building typologies accompanied with cost-optimal interventions and financial and gradual renovation plans. The results have been organized into a transnational purpose web and GIS-based information system being a user-friendly decision making tool for affordable SEAPs with high impact. The tool has been verified through small-scale renovation projects in each pilot City and further evaluated through targeted transferring activities.


Lead partner

Valencia Institute of Building – IVE (Spain)


ART-ER – S. CONS P.A (Italy)
Region of Western Greece (Greece)
Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation (Spain)
Regional Development Centre Koper (Slovenia)
Elche City Council (Spain)

Associated partners

Valencia City Council (Spain)
Energy Cities
Vicepresidencia Segunda y Conselleria de Vivienda y Arquitectura Bioclimática (Spain)
Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy)
Municipality of Patras (Greece)
Municipality of Koper (Slovenia)
Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions


The project will last 16 months, starting from March 2021 to June 2022.


The project foresees a total budget of 499,971.25 €, of which 424,975.57 € of ERDF contribution


Project manager: 
Fabrizio Tollari
Working Group: 
Caterina Calò | Sauro Saraceni | Luisa Secci
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