LIFE BE-WoodEN | Buildings and Education in Wood Ecosystem for the New European Bauhaus

LIFE BE-WoodEN | Buildings and Education in Wood Ecosystem for the New European Bauhaus

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LIFE Be-WoodEN project aims to promote the decarbonisation of buildings and improve circularity in the building sector overcoming barriers that prevent the widespread use of wood and bio-based materials. These obstacles depend on cultural, technical and economic reasons and invest the entire production, design and installation process, including facility management and dismantling.

For these reasons, the project is aimed at a very diverse target of users with an approach geared towards increasing knowledge and skills, testing innovative training methodologies, also of a demonstrative nature. A special focus will be on social housing.

LIFE BE-WoodEN is based on New European Bauhaus values and the implementation follows the principles expressed by the NEB Compass. A new NEB Pioneer Hub will be created, to contribute to the European learning ecosystem in sustainable construction and to guarantee the results dissemination afterwards. The new Hub will cooperate with the existing NEBAP Hub of Primorska (Slovenia).
A strong capacity building activity aimed at professionals, technicians, building managers, companies and policy makers will be carried, concerning NEB and place making, green and circular buildings, use of wood for the building sector. Then, Innovation labs for co-development will be carried out, involving different stakeholders (professionals, public officers, companies, experts, artists) to find together solutions for a reliable use of wood in buildings.
Two pilot actions, concerning social housing, will be developed through a participatory and transdisciplinary approach. Activities will regard the design phase and the valorization of the local wood supply chain.

The ambition is to prepare professional profiles corresponding to market needs and to overcome the fragmentation of the local supply chain, valorizing environmental benefits due to the adoption of wood and bio-based materials in the construction.

Project manager: 
Arianna Cecchi
Working Group: 
Alessandro Bosso, Irene Diti, Paola Valandro
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