In 2019 Morning Health Talks (MHT) events have been launched in RIS regions with the aim of raising awareness about EIT Health, conducting meaningful discussions on current healthcare challenges and building new connections among the stakeholders of the RIS regions. 
The topic of MHTs is the “Hospital Engagement”, so we plan to organize a new cycle of 3 meetings with the support of all Italian partners of Innostars region. They will take place in Naples (Italy) and in Bologna (Italy) in the period between 15th October and 15th November.
The goal of the event series is to explore the interests of healthcare providers in innovation; how they could be involved in innovation, collaboration with corporates and start-ups, clinical validation, idea and challenge generation, what are the inner and external factors, what are the possible ways of collaboration with hospitals, what needs to be done to engage hospitals into innovation process. 
Hospitals play a key role in technological development and innovation in the health sector. They represent, in fact, the perfect place of connection between technological innovation and the citizen, as well as the largest basin of the healthcare workforce. 
Morning Health Talks 2022 - Health InnovAction activity will launch a programme of workshops aiming to:

  • reduce barriers among these different players in the health innovation process 
  • create awareness about the extraordinary potentiality in sharing data in the TT process
  • promote best practices and tools of research results exploitation towards an economic sustainable healthcare model.

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Start/End date:
dal 16/08/2022 al 15/11/2022

High Technology Network and Thematic Groups

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Cecilia Maini
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