NESSIE | North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy

NESSIE | North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy

NeSSIE will establish strategic public-private cross-sectoral partnerships in the North Sea basin, to deliver new business and investment opportunities in one of the key challenges facing the development of blue technologies in Europe: corrosion (defined as the gradual destruction of materials by chemical reaction with their environment).
The reliability of offshore industry and marine renewable energy installations is a key engineering challenge in the offshore sectors. The application of corrosion solutions and new materials is crucial to ensuring European leadership in the offshore energy sector, and the medium to long term viability of installations. Metal corrosion impacts upon the structural integrity, maintenance costs and environmental impact of structures in the marine offshore energy applications’ markets.
Building on an initial roadmapping exercise for current corrosion solutions and new materials in existing sectors (offshore oil and gas, subsea engineering and subsea construction and fabrication), NeSSIE will develop a roadmap and investment plans for the establishment of public-private partnerships to apply this knowledge in offshore renewables. This will lead to the delivery of three bankable, investment-ready demonstration projects in the North Sea for corrosion solutions and new materials for use in the wave, tidal and offshore wind energy sectors.

Offshore energy is at the core of NeSSIE partners’ smart specialisation strategies (S3). The project brings together partners with a strong track record of cooperation in the Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Pilot Action (ADMA Energy Pilot) of the Vanguard Initiative (VI) for New Growth through Smart Specialisation . Making the EU the global leader in components for marine renewables and offshore energy applications lies at the heart of the VI Energy Pilot. NeSSIE’s ambition is to develop North Sea demonstration cases in the key challenge area of corrosion to realise this goal.

NeSSIE’s three demonstration cases will build a wider North Sea value chain. They will test potential solutions for the benefit of both the ocean renewables sector, and the established marine industries of the North Sea, at a time when traditional industries are under increasing economic pressure. NeSSIE will capitalise on the existing VI Energy Pilot methodology. This will engage a wide company base; will establish transnational consortia from the VI Energy Pilot regions; and will take forward demonstration projects for the wider benefit of the North Sea basin.

Obiettivi attesi

• Roadmaps which will serve as a model for other sea basins and consortia to address common technical challenges and develop bankable/investment-ready demonstration projects (
• An investment plan which transforms challenges into industrial applications and business opportunities in the North Sea basin (
• Three bankable/investment-ready demonstration projects in the North Sea basin that involve a transnational public/ private consortium. The projects will be planned and investment identified at the completion of NeSSIE (

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Stefano Valentini
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Eleonora Sette
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