Comparing models to facilitate industry and science collaborations

Comparing models to facilitate industry and science collaborations


On 19th April 2018 a Learning camp was organised by Aster to introduce in the Emilia-Romagna regional context some good practices to manage and exploit the collaborations between research and enterprises. Such good practices, developed and tested respectively in Lower Austria and Central Denmark, have been identified during the exchange activities occurred within the INKREASE project.

The learning camp held in Bologna was attended by a number of relevant facilitators of the Emilia-Romagna innovation ecosystem, including Technopoles, Clust-ERs and Innovation Centers who discussed with the Austrian and Danish experts of the most effective methodologies and tools to foster the growth potential of enterprises and the evolutions of their relationships with the research world, adopting an open innovation approach.

Mr Roberto Blandino Alamia of the Parma Technopole noticed that “An industrial research project involving many stakeholders requires a complex governance that can take inspiration from the lesson learnt in other contexts that at a first glance seem distant, but if analyzed in details reveal many common problems to be faced. I found particularly useful the model for a collaborative innovation process from the Guide Knowledge Bridges for growth presented by RegLab”.

Mr. Carlo Pignatari, manager of the Mechatronics Clust-ER, states that “The learning camp was an interesting comparison experience. I appreciated in particular the possibility to interact with the speakers and their availability to provide details and insights. The application in our regional context needs to be investigated, starting from some consolidated experiences of a number of local actors that partially operate in similar ways”

Eventually Mr. Francesco Baruffi of Democenter Foundation concludes that “To share good practices in technology transfer and management of innovative projects is fundamental to speed up the adoption of such practices. The exchange with European qualified experts allows to improve the services that we offer as Innovation Center of the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network”.