Herathon Talent House Contest for international students

Herathon Talent House Contest for international students


ASTER AREA S3 of Ravenna and local partners would like to offer to international students of the UNIBO Campus a new (positive) challenge. In order to foster the integration between them and the innovation ecosystem of the territory we invite you to take part in a “idea contest” specifically created for international students of this University Campus: the HERATHON Talent House Challenge! Let us explain what we mean...

The Talent House Concept

We would like international students not just to feel welcome in Ravenna: we really want them to get engaged and contribute in its innovation ecosystem applying their knowledge and skills. Of course studying is very important...but we are sure that they have much more to offer! We want their talent to meet with other local talents, being them in particular enterprises, and create win-win connections to support both their career and meet companies needs. In order to do that we would like to:

  • create a listening point for international students and researchers who attend university in Ravenna to facilitate the contact between them and local enterprises
  • create a gateway to the research-innovation ecosystem for high skilled young people, coming from UE and Extra Ue countries
  • build up a service line that strengthen the relationship between international students and the territory, by giving value to their presence

The HERATHON Talent House Contest

To achieve these goals we thought, as first step, to run an idea contest between international students in order to unleash their creativity and help solving a challenge launched by a local enterprise, HERA. In the HERATHON Talent House Contest, international students will have to focus on a specific challenge and work in small groups to solve it during a sort of hackathon...this is why the contest is also called HERATHON. In this way you can get to know each other, acquire new horizontal skills and learn how to present in public a business idea. You also have the chance to be acquainted with the local studying and job opportunities and show your talents. In fact, no matter what happens with the winning idea, competitions can be used to drive innovation, to encourage the ideas exchange and to create a link between high skilled people and firms looking for new talents.

How does it work?

Take up the challenge and join us Saturday 2nd of December at CRESCO (Via Sant’Agata 48, Ravenna) from 10 to 17,30. You will then work divided in small teams to answer to a specific challenge brought to you by our partner HERA. At the end of the day all the teams will have to present their ideas in pitch with the possibility to win very interesting prizes. During the day coffee breaks and lunch will be offered to all the participants. You can join as a single person and then you will be merged with other to form a team but you can also come with your own team composed by friends or colleagues of maximum 4 people, of which only one can be Italian.

To attend the event you will have to register at the following link. After the registration you will receive a confirmation email and later on another message with further logistical information.

The programme

10.00 - 10.10 Welcome and introduction
10.10 - 11.00 Challenge explanation
11.00 - 11.30 Team building exercise
11.30 - 13.30 Workshop to design the idea
13.30 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 16.00 Workshop to design the idea
16.00 - 17.00 Pitch training and preparation
17.00 - 17.30 Pitching and Award session

* during the entire event food and beverages will be made available for participants

The coaching support

During the event each team will be supported by a coach from ASTER AREA S3 and Centro per l'Innovazione Fondazione Flaminia.

Working language: the event will be run in English.

The prizes

The team that will present the best idea to solve the challenge launched by HERA will win:

  • 1.000 Euro to be divided within the team members
  • The chance to have the idea analysed by the research team at HERA for further developments
  • Coaching support from ASTER AREA S3 to refine the business idea after the end of the contest
  • The opportunity for a public presentation of the best idea

Our partner HERA gave us a concrete challenge to solve. Climate change is a great environmental threat and a challenge that involves different fields of study other than the purely scientific ones. This contest is a great occasion to look at this problem from different perspectives and to learn how to work in team, by sharing different skills and ideas, in order to find a solutions that takes into account every aspect of the issue. For more information see the file attached.

The partnership

The event is organised by Aster Area A3 with the support of HERA and in collaboration with Università di Bologna – Campus di Ravenna, Centro per l’Innovazione Fondazione Flaminia and Cresco Coworking.


  • Eleonora Nadin – Intern AREA S3 ASTER
  • Nicolò Pranzini – Project Manager AREA S3 ASTER

+39 333 6277693 – areaS3_RA@aster.it