REGIONS 4FOOD | REGIONal Strategies 4 FOOD 4.0 Revolution

REGIONS 4FOOD | REGIONal Strategies 4 FOOD 4.0 Revolution

Data has become a key asset for the food industry which is leading to innovations in technology and the development of new tools and skills.

However, the large volume and diverse nature of food value chains data and actors call for specific integration and management procedures to make the most of new economic opportunities based on information, data and cognitive technologies and promote innovation-driven growth.

With the aim to address this issue, seven regions have decided to join efforts to face new challenges in relation ICTs and data with the overall objective of maximising the innovation potential of all actors of the agri-food value chain.

For this purpose, project partners have developed an exchange of experience approach and work plan which allow them to create synergies and opportunities by identifying good practiceimplemented in other regions. Partners will work in close cooperation with stakeholders to interconnect regional innovation ecosystems, and bring together the “quadruple helix” of actors involved at different stages in the food value chain. Best practices for each region will be integrated in their action plans in order to improve the targeted policy instruments governance or to implement projects that will contribute to achieving the above-mentioned goal.

 Main project outputs and results will be:

 - Seven action plans to improve policy instruments selected by project partners according to their relevance in terms of better exploiting ICT’s potential and deliver innovation to food industry and hence, smart progress and growth.

- Support capacity-building at all levels, that is, staff, organisational and regional but also beyond the partnership considering most project partners are members of the S3P Agri-food on Traceabiliy and Big Data.

- Reinforcing cooperation between research and business sectors and therefore, to improve the economic exploitation of R&D results.

- Delivering strategic guidelines for new programming period.

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Sofia Miceli
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Debora Facchini | Francesca Mulazzani | Daniele Sangiorgi | Luisa Secci | Maria Grazia Zucchini
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