RESET | Relaunching Employment with Social Economy in the Territories

RESET | Relaunching Employment with Social Economy in the Territories

The RESET project aims to create a European network of local and regional authorities which exchange good practices on social economy and social enterprise model to maintain employment and include vulnerable people. In particular, RESET intends to enhance interaction and improving collaboration between existing social economy networks and stakeholders at regional and local level, to boost inter-regional learning between public and private actors and to contribute to a gradual building of a Social Economy community.
Within the project, three thematic workshops (Social Economy missions) will be organized. They will be focused on the analysis of the respective ecosystems of social economy and the measures and financial instruments available to support social enterprises. At the end of each workshop, a report containing the good practices will be produced (15 in total) and the results will be disseminated at European and international level. Over 200 stakeholders from 150 organizations will be involved in the project activities and at least 4 European regions outside the project will take part in the initiatives and join the network.


  • Regione Occitania France 
  • Regione Emilia-Romagna Italy
  • Città di Zagabria Croatia
  • Comunitat Valenciana Spain
  • Gruppo SOS Pulse France 
  • ACT-GRUPA Croatia 


COSME, Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy


10 months, from 01/03/2021 to 31/12/2020


101.736 €

Project manager: 
Roberta Dall'Olio
Working Group: 
Alessandra Medici
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