SCHIP | Social Challenges Innovation Platform

SCHIP | Social Challenges Innovation Platform is a platform aiming at creating a marketplace where actual social challenges can meet powerful and innovative solutions. A space where the work among different players make the European Social Ecosystem vibrant and collaborative. Where a challenge is transformed into a new business opportunity.
The Platform supports committed Public Authorities, Private Companies, Third Sector Organisations in defining, prioritising social and environmental challenges, and uploading them onto the platform.
It encourages the participation of social innovators, startups and SMEs to identify, fund, co-develop and test concrete solutions to these needs.
The project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme.

Cities, enterprises and other organizations needs to face new and emerging social challenges. The platform will contribute to match those needs with sustainable and viable innovations.
Through a challenge-based approach, the platform supports those organizations in finding solutions and give more than 2 millions in grants to test 81 solutions in 2018-2019.
At the end, the platform will support other organizations through the consultancy of coordinators and the network of incubators throughout Europe.

Project manager: 
Kristian Mancinone
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