SELF USER - Energy Community experienced in the field: the Self-consuming Condominium

SELF USER - Energy Community experienced in the field: the Self-consuming Condominium

Self User was created with the aim of experimenting with the Clean Energy Package directive, creating an innovative collective self-consumption system to promote the production and use of energy from renewable sources, both in the building's utilities and in the use of shared electric mobility, and to counter social inequalities and energy poverty.

For this purpose, in addition to testing on the field the "collective self-consumption" model mentioned in the RED II EU directive, the project aims to create an optimal sizing model, defining the distribution of costs and duties in order to make it sustainable, and to support citizens and operators in the implementation of similar structures by testing internal regulations and defining dedicated guidelines.

The main activities that the project is going to implement are the following:

  • Installation of smart-metering devices on all utilities, private and shared, and on the energy production system;
  • Installation of a photovoltaic production plant on the roof, connected to the collective self-consumption system;
  • Installation of a suitable storage system and management through a dedicated interface, in order to maximise self-consumption;
  • Economic, energy and social analysis of the implementation of a shared mobility service;
  • Analysis and adaptation of the system in the case of upgrade of the energy and utility system from traditional to Gas Free.


  • ACER Reggio Emilia
  • ENEA
  • Enel X

The complex is located in Scandiano (RE), Via Matteotti 43-53, and consists of 48 dwellings of which 28 are Social Housing dwellings managed by ACER and 20 are privately owned.

Start date: 19/02/2020
End date: 31/12/2021 (the project will be extended, probably to 30/06/2022

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Sauro Saraceni |
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