SurplusMall - Industrial surplus trade management platform

SurplusMall - Industrial surplus trade management platform

The project aims at analysing the feasibility of a new business model, aligned with European strategies of circular economy, based on a cloud platform addressed to support the trading of industrial surpluses.

Surplus Mall will permit the trading between surplus generating and demanding companies and third parties supporting the logistics, management and control.

The proposed model promotes the reuse and valuation of "waste" materials, reintroducing them as secondary materials in the productive value chains, promoting the symbiosis between industries. This will contribute to reduce the consumption of raw materials and the generation of waste, thus resulting in the reduction of the environmental impact associated with the life-cycle of materials and in a direct reduction of GHG emissions focused on the concepts of "zero carbon value chains" and "zero waste systems".

Surplus Mall is a six months project participated by Aster, University of Bologna and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, coordinated by ITE (Spain) and co-funded by the Pathfinder program associated to the Sustainable Production theme of the European platform Climate-KIC.


About Climate-KIC

Climate-KIC is Europe's largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It is formed by private companies, R&D and academic institutions, and public bodies.



The proposed feasibility study will permit to analyse the new planned business model addressed to value chains with great climate impact (metals, chemicals), evaluate the expected impact in socio-economic and environmental terms, and to value its replicability in different European regions, with the aim of addressing to next phases the development and the implementation of the analysed solution and its extension to other priority sectors and areas.

The project will also work in order to identify possible synergies with other actions on industrial symbiosis in e aree. Si lavorerà inoltre anche nell'ottica di individuare sinergie con altri progetti e azioni a livello in materia di simbiosi industriale ed economia circolare.


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Ugo Mencherini
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