World Food Research & Innovation Forum

World Food Research & Innovation Forum

The Forum aims to set up an international think tank to attract global players in Emilia-Romagna on research and global food security and devoted to global strategy for the development of the agrifood sector and research and policy for the sustainability and food security and safety, in order to support the competitiveness of enterprises and agrifood sector as well as the research community, governments and international institutions.

The Forum provides a standing platform for establishing relationships based on skills, experiences and projects in the field of food research and food safety, thanks to the EXPO Milano 2015 opportunity. The Emilia-Romagna Region becomes point of reference and place for meetings and events aimed at creating a new relations and cooperation methodology between governments, international institutions, the business and research community, involving all key actors on a global scale in order to contribute to the definition of intervention strategies in the food sector.


The World Food research and innovation Forum is promoted by:

• Emilia-Romagna Regional Government

• Local entrepreneurial Associations

• Regional Fairs System - Bologna Fair, Cesena Fair, Parma Fair

• Regional research institutions Universities and Research Centres In collaboration with ASTER - the Consortium for Innovation and Technology Transfer in Emilia-Romagna.

With the participation of European and International institutions.

Project manager: 
Debora Facchini
Working Group: 
Fabrizio Ciarmatori | Sofia Miceli
Indirizzo e-mail: