Start Up

Highlander | HIGH performance computing to support smart LAND sERvices

The overarching goal of HIGHLANDER is to support a smarter (environmental and economically sustainable) management of lands in their mosaic of natural resources, land uses, sectors, human activities and assets, while also
reducing risks and taking opportunities posed by climate change and its variability.

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Impact Agencies - Impact Actions for social innovation agencies

It intends to reshape and make more efficient a set of services to support BICs and incubators through the Twinning Advanced methodology. 

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IN-ER - Incubator Network Emilia-Romagna

È la rete che raggruppa gli incubatori della regione per uniformare i servizi offerti alle startup e interagire come interlocutore unico, in particolare con soggetti e istituzioni estere. La Rete è supportata da ART-ER e dalla Regione Emilia-Romagna.

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INN@SE | Innovative Social Entrepreneurship with Youth Engagement

I partner elaboreranno una metodologia congiunta che mette insieme le loro diverse esperienze in tema di empowerment dei giovani, nella formazione, nella ricerca in economia sociale e nello sviluppo di startup, per sostenere le organizzazioni profit e no profit per coinvolgere meglio i giovani in temi di innovazione sociale e supportarli nello sviluppo di imprese sociali sostenibili.

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Le Serre di ASTER - accelerator programme

It provides an acceleration path including various services devoted to business creation - training, meetings, advisory services, networking - with the aim of increasing beneficiaries' skills and ability to enter and remain in the market.

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NanoUptake creates a comprehensive new e-infrastructure to foster dialogue and collaboration between all actors in the supply chain for a knowledge-driven definition of Safe by Design setups that optimize hazard, technical performance and economic costs

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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other Participating Countries.

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Research and Innovation sites in Emilia-Romagna

Rock | Regeneration and optimisation of Cultural Heritage in creative and knowledge cities

ROCK develops and applies an innovative circular systemic approach to connect different actors, places of CH value and systems, at a European level as well as at a local level, facilitating the innovation process and the adoption of environmentally and socially sound solutions to achieve sustainable growth.

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Is an University/business alliance cofunded by the Erasmus+ program, aiming at improve scientific entrepreneurship and focusing on young researchers, the brightest minds, with business potential untapped. 

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